Future Development

Stone Cottage 2

Built back in 1792 as a simple and probably the only dwelling on what we know now as Guy Lane which was an important secondary toll road for travellers coming from the South into Chester and North Wales.

As with most dwellings around this time it was built from locally sourced sandstone and salvaged oak timbers, and its early years there is clear evidence that it served as a toll bar, ale and boarding house. Its history has been carefully traced by the previous owners who continued too see themselves as ‘caretakers’

Once bricks became more commercially available a Shipham was added for the accommodation of cattle and extra warmth for the occupants.< And this is what still exists today along with the evidences such as the small window for paying toll dues, part of the original sandstone floor, ships timbers, Inglenook fireplace with the hearth tax ( of the day ) clearly visible, and features showing how the walls were constructed.

4 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms